vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Bo-Bobo Chapter 32 (Volume 4)

Volume 3 is finally complete!

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EDIT! Fixed the credits page!!

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suruma zei

Thanks a lot for this! <33
Will you be releasing more chapters?

Antonia zei

This is getting better and better =D
Please, please keep up the good work!!

Super_Sonic zei

Two of the links are broken

Super_Sonic zei


I can probably be of help with bobobo fansubs. I have dvd's which i'm willing to rip, and more.
Please add me to msn/gtalk or send me an e-mail: supersonic15@gmail.com

pissedbuddha zei

hey Gonbe fan, I think I can be of help too. I have volumes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10.

I also have a contact over in Japan who I can order more volumes from.

If you want to contact me:

email: rich@jet-set-radio.com

aim: pissedbuddha@bluebottle.com (seriously)

yahoo: pissedbudha

msn: pissedbuddha@gmail.com

but if you use some other instant messenger, I can easily sign up for whatever it is.

Super_Sonic zei

This is a message for anyone here. If you are fluent in both French and English, please contact me. I have French subtitles for episodes 1-15, but I don't know french (so I can't translate them to english)


Jikai zei

I uploaded Bobobo from Vol.1 to Vol.21 except for Vol.15 and Shinsetsu that I don't have.

GonbeFAN zei

OMFG! Thanks Jikai!

GonbeFAN zei

Thanks, Jikai.
But i can't download 2 files:
Volume 11: Url for volume 10
Volume 20: 'Can't acces this file now'
Please fix 11 and reupload 20

Jikai zei

Sorry, here is the right one for Vol11 I'll be uploading Vol20 later today, I have to go out rigth now

GonbeFAN zei

thanks ^^
oh and vol 20 works again