maandag 14 juli 2008

Chikuwa & BoboboTP is now Hajike Projects

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vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Bo-Bobo Chapter 32 (Volume 4)

Volume 3 is finally complete!

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EDIT! Fixed the credits page!!

donderdag 26 juni 2008

Bo-Bobo Chapter 27-31 (Volume 3)

Chapter 27-31 is released by another scanlation group called 'IndoMangaScans'
You can download it here:

(The link to download Chapter 31 is NOT the official release from IMS,
the official release is with the translated omake with Don Patch and the Gameboy Pig)

zaterdag 14 juni 2008

Bo-Bobo Chapter 26 (Volume 3)

We now suspend our A-Block invasion for...a musical interlude.
Enjoy :D

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dinsdag 10 juni 2008

Bo-Bobo Chapter 25 (Volume 3)

Don't count or you'll miss the next chapter!

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Sorry for late release, anyway enjoy :D

BTW, all direct downloads work again

vrijdag 30 mei 2008

Bo-Bobo Chapter 24 (Volume 3)

And so the search for Tennosuke continues...
what the heck will Bo-bobo's team find this time in Marhentic Park?

Enjoy :D

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zaterdag 24 mei 2008

Bo-Bobo Chapter 23 (Volume 3)

And here's another chapter...time to have fun and kick butt at the same time!

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EDIT@30 May 2008:
Direct Download fixed, it WAS a link to chapter 22, instead of chapter 23.